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upvc window and door introduction

upvc window and door introduction

upvc window and door is the Main Products of TeeYeo Industry.

No Matter Cost or Performance of Products all could satisfied to overworld customers.

1. UPVC Sliding Window and door

upvc sliding windows have long been a popular choice by homeowners and builders because of their excellent

functionality and value for money. Because of its easy install and operate features, sliding window plays

an important role for a perfect balcony or any space division.

2. UPVC Casement Window and door

Teeyeo's Upvc Casement Window have a better airtight performance and energy saving performance becuase we are using a Top

Quality-EPDM-sealing. We have 3 kinds of glazing bead for single glass, double glass and triple glass. Hardware plays an important

role in the Fenestration system. We use Top Quality Zinc Alloy Hardware to insure our exquisite products have their function 100%

be played! Teeyeo's Upvc Casement Window save on energy cost, save you time and money and keep peaceful environment.

They contain a unique compound that guarantees a smooth, high gloss finish meaning that your new windows retain their pristine

appearance for years to come. 

3. UPVC tilt and turn Window and door

We use good upvc profile with long durability, high strength steel reforced, high weather resistance, wind resistance,

impact resistance, fire resistance, and corrosion resistance function. In addition, we have various series of domestic

and overseas hardwares,they are easy to install, and  with high quality, excellent surface, competitive price and good

looking.There are many advantages for our upvc tilt and turn windows, that the turn position allows ample fresh air to

pass into the room. When the window is open at the top, it functions as a safety precaution. There is simply no way

to climb up the window and fit through the small opening. And ventilation is still possible.

4. UPVC Awning Window and door

UPVC Top Hung Windows Casement are the most common and popular of UPVC window designs.  These UPVC windows are

constructed using an outer frame and a hinged “sash”.  The sash projects outwards.  In a UPVC top hung window the hinge

is on the top of the outer frame, thereby allowing the bottom to swing out secured by high quality steel friction stays.

Features of a top hung UPVC window: has a pleasant slim-line, discreet architectural appearance; Functional design makes

them ideal in situations where furniture prevents easy access to the window; Hinged along the top horizontal edge, the bottom

opening outwards; Low maintenance; Durable handles, hinges and smooth and silent operation

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