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Research About India Market

Environmental Window Mesh/Net For India Market.

TeeYeo Group After Research in India Market. We found that the environment in India is not quite good.

Lots of dust in Air.It is bad for people's healthy.So people in home is not dare to open window for ventilation.

Lots of dust will get in home through window.

So for this,Teeyeo Group Recommend Environmental Mesh/Net For India Market to Protect India People,India

People's Children Or Old People and india Famlily against the dusty environement.Through Using Environmental

.It could provent dust get in home by window in efficiency.To make Sure our family healthy.

Meanwhile,Environmental Mesh/Net also could stop flyings and mosquitos to get in house in efficiency.


Main Spec. of Teeyeo Environmental Mesh/Net
Product test Conlusion:

Horizontal load test:
Net size 1075*375mm sample ,load 1.1Kn,Load time 5min,Yarn network not broken

Dynamic impact test:
Net size 1075*375mm sample,10kg sandbag,1100mm Height difference ,Impact energy 110J,impact test ,Yarn network not broken.

Test Sample Description:

Sample size :Sample net size 1075*375mm,,Frame: Aluminum Alloy,Mesh:gold mesh,80 mesh

Test Description:

Horizontal load test. The test sample is clamped on the test stand. Internal size of the sample is 1075*375 mm, loading weight is 1.1 kN,
loading time is 5 min, testing whether the screen is broken.

Dynamic impact test. The test sample is clamped on the test stand. Internal size of the sample is 1075*375 mm. 10kg spherical sandbag,
The difference between central position and the point height is 1100 mm, do soft impact test with sandbags falling vertically, the impact
energy is 110 J. Repeat 3 times to test whether the screen is broken.

The environmental mesh hole we could change in any size.To prevent dusty and meanwhile

make sure the ventilation rate. No matter price or mesh quality. Teeyeo group will provide the best 

solution to india market. Thanks.


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